About us

Developing digital channels for promotion and education in the cannabis industry

Hannapy is a set of digital platforms that aims to help business development and business digitalization of the cannabis industry.

Through Hannapy consumers, wholesalers and retailers can interact through a secure and trusted environment.

Our philosophy

Customer Service

We offer a personalized service to all our B2C and B2B customers.

Security and legality

We validate wholesalers and retailers to achieve a 100% professional environment.

Really useful technology

Our developments are based on the real needs of our customers.

Flexibility and open-mindedness

We adapt quickly to the new dynamics of the industry

Our history

The birth of an idea

For months we analyzed and studied mature cannabis markets to understand the dynamics and needs of each stage of the industry's development.

The launch of Hannapy

In January 2022 Hannapy was born with a clear roadmap. We quickly validated the MVP and received our first external investment to validate the business model.

Objectives achieved in 12 months

In only 12 months we validated the business lines of the three platforms with more than 350 professionals and 3500 end consumers.

Meet our management team

Fernando Beneitez

CEO & Product Lead

+20 years of experience in digital, participating in more than 150 national and international projects fromn small and big companies.

Ana María Almenara

COO & Head of Sales

+15 years of experience in sales, client management and brand development, she is an expert in public and professional relations.

Manuel Vazquez

Back office operations

More than 15 years in database management and large volumes. Manuel is an expert in bulk tasks for task optimization.

Investors and advisors who have been with us from the beginning

Marcos Cabezón

Space Startups & Canal Rio

Among the 75 most influential Business Angels. He has invested in companies such as Demium, Sportsnet and Zapiens.

Joan Heras

Directivo Healthcare

+30 years in the healthcare industry. Involved in the regulatory authorization and European introduction of medical cannabis.

Oscar Fuente

Business Angel

Business Angel and mentor at Seed Rocket, Founder IEBS and investor in companies such as Glovo, Chicfy and Hannum.

We collaborate and help

We support the development of cannabis companies by collaborating with Cannamarketers.

Cannamarketers.org was created after the union of different professionals passionate about marketing and communication in the Cannabis industry. Its objective is to contribute to a greater professionalization of this sector.

A continuously growing ecosystem

CBD and Cannabis Products

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